BolNHL Stenden University Meppel


    Academy of Primary Teacher Education
    20th-24th April 2020

Theme: “It couldn’t be further from the truth!”

“Between fact and fiction”

We hereby invite you to come to NHL Stenden Meppel in order to contribute to the programme for our International Week!

Often the information we process is filtered by what we wish to see and believe. Nowadays we are confronted by multitudes of different pieces of information produced in different ways. In other words, the media can publish propaganda which confuse our understanding of facts.
As educators, we have to make our students aware that they can be manipulated through many different avenues of communication.

The aim of our International Week in 2020 is to highlight the necessity of critical thinking and understanding, and to stimulate analysis of
information. Please see the attached document (“WASO – Write a Science Opera”) for further information of our working method.

This method of instruction will be shared by the ITEps teaching team on Monday 20th followed by a full day of workshops hosted by YOU!
Tuesday 21st-Thursday 23rd will consist of workshops hosted/run by our guest lecturers in the mornings, and group working time in the afternoons. Friday 24th will consist of presentations and celebrations!

As a guest lecturer you are, within the overall theme, free to choose your own methods and means of communication.
Therefore, don't hesitate to offer your contribution in a practical, experimental, innovative and theoretical atmosphere.

During this week we want to provide our 120 highly motivated first year students on our International Teacher Education for primary schools B(Ed) programme (ITEPS – with international perspectives upon various disciplines.

Overall aims:

  • Our students experience academic input from experts across the continent;
  • Show students variations in the way you work at your institution;
  • Engage students and staff in discussions, workshops, theoretical and practical work, etc.;
  • Meet and greet / network with colleagues to exchange and discuss educational issues, to share knowledge, practices and experiences concerning
    any aspect of teacher training;
  • Give colleagues from abroad an opportunity to present your favourite theme(s);
  • Inspire students to study abroad;
  • Lunch every day with colleagues to encourage further networking.

Erasmus Staff Exchange
In order to make this event become a success, we are depending on you to apply for teacher/staff exchange grants from the
Erasmus Teacher Exchange Program. We are confident that we, through your contributions, can make this week a success!

Please send me an e-mail before the 3rd February 2020 if you can join our International Week in April 2020
In return, a registration link will be sent – to inform us of your arrival, what your contribution will be and what equipment you
need for your presentation.

A detailed program will be distributed in March 2020 to all participants.

Rooms can be booked in a hotel in Meppel, from Sunday 19th April 2020.

We look forward to meeting you (again) in Meppel!

Kind regards,Wilfred drama

Wilfred van Eisden
Institutional Exchange Coordinator